De rareste sidene på nettet

Her er de rareste, merkeligste og unormale nettsidene som jeg har kunnet finne:
-En nettside dedikert til våre alles yndlings grevlinger (?)
-Finn ut din afrikanernavn, mitt er Sheetswa!
-Gjør om ditt telefon nummer til ord, amerikanske ord, telefon ord...
-Finn ut din DADA fremtid...
-Hvem er forelsket i deg? Finn det ut her

Har dere rare eller bisarre nettsteder som dere vil dere med resten? Vær så god! :)

Du vet du er norsk når...

You assume that a stranger on the street who smiles at or greets you is:

a) drunk.
b) insane.
c) an American.
d) All of the above.
- JA, men synes ikke utlendinger at det er rart også?? Det er jo ikke akkurat normalt...

You vigorously defend whaling and enjoy consuming whale meat.
- Nei, har aldri spis og kommer aldri til å spise hvalkjøtt

You enjoy the taste of lutefisk (jelly-like, bad-smelling fish) and cod prepared in any way, including fried cod tongues.
- Hææ? Lutefisk?? Uff...smaker ikke godt...

You can prepare fish in five different ways without cooking it.
- Hmm...nei...kan ikke det...

You don't question the habit of always preparing a "matpakke" (sandwich in paper).
- Kan ikke si at jeg bruker å gjøre det, men hva er galt med det da?? Det er jo normalt...Tror jeg

You have two cars, a cabin and a boat, if not more.
- Nei, men jeg drømmer

You think there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.
- Nei, det faktisk drittvær i norge som alle andre steder

It feels natural to wear sport clothes and backpack everywhere, including the cinema, bowling alley, and to church.
- Sportsklær ja, ryggsekk?? Bare i utlandet...

You are think it's weird if a house isn't wooden.
- Ja, det er rart det...Da kan det jo ikke BRENNE opp så lett...

You know at least five different words for describing different textures of snow.
- Snø, Hagl, Sludd, kram snø og...sørpe :)

You don't fall when walking on ice.
- ikke på grunn av isen...

You earn more than you spend.
- Tjaa...ja....Gjør vel det

You associate Easter with cross-country skiing with friends and family in the familys mountain cabin.
- Ja, ski hører med til påske, noe annet er bare dumt

You are shocked if it's not 2 months of snow every year, at least!
- Ja!! Ble helt forskrekket når snøen ett år kun var der i en måned og tre uker!!

You can see mountains and the ocean, no matter where you are.
- Hmm...*ser seg rundt, fjell, fjell, fjell og sjø...*

You expect all dinner parties and meetings to start precisely on time, if not before.
- Ja, selv om jeg bruker å komme et par minutter/timer for sent :D

You fall 3 metres, and don't get hurt. If you do, you're not worried at all.
- We're the almighty VIKINGS

You haven't heard of "fast-food".
- Hmm...Tror utlendinger faktisk det??

You can't understand why foreigners haven't heard about Bj?˜Úie.
- Hæææ....? Bjørn Dælie?? ja, alle kjenner da han :)

You're proud to be Norwegian - and you pass these jokes on to all your Norwegian friends!
- Ikke bare alle vennene, hele verden

You know you've been in Norway too long, when...
You associate warm rice porridge with Saturday and xmas eve.

It seems sensible that the age limit at Oslo night clubs is 23 or 25.

You find yourself debating the politics of Torbjørn Jagland.

You think there are no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

It seems nice to spend a week in a small wooden cottage up in the mountains, with no running water and no electricity.

You think cross-country skiing is the only *real* skiing.

You know at least five different words describing different kinds of snow.

The first thing you do on entering a bank/post office/pharmacy etc. is look for the queue number machine.

You accept that you will have to queue to take a queue number.

A sharp intake of breath has become part of your active vocabulary.

You associate Friday afternoon with a trip to Vinmonopolet (State wine monopoly).

You think nothing of paying 50NOK for a bottle of 'cheap' spirits at Vinmonopolet. (US$1,- = NOK 7.50)

Your native language has seriously deteriorated; you "eat medicine" and "go and lay yourself".

You rummage through your plastic bottles collection to see which ones you should keep to take to the store and which can be sacrificed to the recycle center.

It's acceptable to eat lunch at 11.00 and dinner at 15.00.

Your front door step is beginning to resemble a shoe shop.

When a stranger on the street smiles at you, you assume that:

he is drunk;

he is insane;

he is American;

he is all of the above.

Silence is fun. (!!!)

The reason you take the ferry to Denmark is:

duty free vodka

duty free beer

to party

The only reason for getting of the boat in Copenhagen is to eat pizza.

It no longer seems excessive to spend 500NOK on alcohol in a single night.

You care who wins the "Hvem fanger sommerens stoerste fisk" contest.

Your old habit of being "fashionably late" is no longer acceptable.

You know that "religious holiday" means "let's get pissed".

You enjoy the taste of lutefisk.

You use mmmm as a conversation filler.

An outside temperature of 9 degrees Celsius is mild (in mid June).

You wear sandals with socks.

You have only two facial expressions, smiling or blank.

You think riding a racing bike in the snow is a perfectly sensible thing to do (with or without snowtires).

Å le av på TV

På TV ser du mye du liker...og mye du hater, hva er moro, hva er kjedelig?? Dette er det jeg synest:

Svampebob - God humor som passer alle aldre, du blir aldri for gammel, aldri for ung

Friends - Joey's utrykk er ubetalige
Malcolm i midten - hysterisk morsomt, dette er hva det å være familie handler om

Terkel i knipe - bør helst ikke se av de som er for unge til å fatte den nokså ironiske humoren som noen ganger kan oppfattes som alvor
Shrek - har alle gode filmers kjennetegn, humor, humor...vel, alle morsomme filmers kjennetegn hvertfall

Morro, morro

Jeg vet ikke hvorfor, men jeg synest altså det er morsomt når folk "leker" med lille norge, see what i mean:

Temperaturer i Norge

+15°C / 59°F
This is as warm as it gets in Norway, so we'll start here. People in Spain wear winter-coats and gloves. The Norwegians are out in the sun, getting a tan.

+10°C / 50°F
The French are trying in vain to start their central heating. The Norwegians plant flowers in their gardens.

+5°C / 41°F
Italian cars won't start. The Norwegians are cruising in cabriolets.

0°C / 32°F
Distilled water freezes. The water in Oslo Fjord gets a little thicker.

-5°C / 23°F
People in California almost freeze to death. The Norwegians have their final barbecue before winter.

-10°C / 14°F
The Brits start the heat in their houses. The Norwegians start using long sleeves.

-20°C / -4°F
The Aussies flee from Mallorca. The Norwegians end their Midsummer celebrations. Autumn is here.

-30°C / -22°F
People in Greece die from the cold and disappear from the face of the earth. The Norwegians start drying their laundry indoors.

-40°C / -40°F
Paris starts cracking in the cold. The Norwegians stand in line at the hotdog stands.

-50°C / -58°F
Polar bears start evacuating the North Pole. The Norwegians army postpones their winter survival training awaiting real winter weather.

-70°C / -94°F
The false Santa moves south. The Norwegians army goes out on winter survival training.

-183°C / -297.4°F
Microbes in food don't survive. The Norwegians cows complain that the farmers' hands are cold.

-273°C / -459.4°F
ALL atom-based movement halts. The Norwegians start saying, "Faen, d e kaldt i dag."

-300°C / -508°F
Hell freezes over; Norway wins the Eurovision Song Contest.