Conspiracies in Action

A pathway is found; -- on the darker side of the moon;
The reveals the door, to that distant place
The mirrors are secret.
The paths; hidden, among the veils

A narrow path is chosen
The pale, yet unconfirmed, arise
As the moon sets; so does the enchanted dreams
The fairytales of summer
Never ended

Pure lies. As have they told them
"No freedom. Struggle through power."
Steal lies. They told them
Eat lies. Stand guard

The lonely night dies
The true gifts are to be kept secret
If only forever came suddenly.
If only this now would end.

As My Memories Die, My Spirit Shatter

As My Memories Die, My Spirit Shatter

A forest frozen by the death of nature
resting in the depths of a forgotten lake
Trees with cold hearts whisper desperate words of sorrow
dreaming of windy fields; a dream of roses

Their tears freeze as they close their eyes
embracing death as a sweet slumber
No cries can be heard
other than the sound of silence chasing life
like we chase our memories, already dying

I smell the dark crossing over
even beauty cannot live no more
Our fairytale is withering to death
our lives are taking a final look in the mirror

The Light

The Light

I cut my trees, can't see why they're nothing
I bring them down, makes me feel like something
I'm running blind
Can't see the light
This is my ending - in shattered windows

I see no lights
Am I already turning stone?
My life's a mess
I'm dying, but I can't feel them

All my rules
I carved into stone
Died, that day

I see no lights
Am I already turning stone?
My life's a mess
I'm dying, but I can't feel them

Bring us down
Then feel the light

A Dark Wind of Change

A Dark Wind of Change

Mortal limits can't be broken
You can't bend the rules of cruelty
I have so much to say, but no time left
I am leaving this world for misery

Shape pure thoughts
Cross over, dark side revails
Come closer, child, I'm halfway there
But I can't understand your fear

Pulling strings lifts me closer to mother
I have no choice other than to be left with me
God gave it all up when she fades
There's still some remedies left
From the dark wounds I've kept

Oh, hatred, bring us forward
Shine to the light, my Glory
Find Machine to take over world

Kill what you do not understand
And bring me the flowers you could not see wither

Et drmmeland

Et drømmeland

En svart demons søte lengsler
Og fattige barns, dems trenglser
Alt som er er alt som ble
Og det som faller kommer aldri ned
Vil vi se, vil vi se et drømmeland?

Eplet faller ikke langt fra stammen
Men hva sødmen svinner?
Hva om rosenes skjønnhet visner hen og dør ut
Og trærne synger sine sorger?

Et drømmeland
Hvor vi lever i harmoni
Med alle tankene
En skyfri himmel
Så god en drøm
Men atter må den dø for å fylle sorgens makt

Vi vandrer i tåken
Ser ikke vannet som daler ned
Duggvått gress i våre øyner minner om en tid som en gang var



A long lost memory
Crawling in the forgotten shadows of broken mirrors
Swimming in the blood of your bad days, your worries
A long lost memory, forever looking for a way to be one with eternity

You couldn't smile the day you lost your bandage
No one is there to cure you, the heart is keeping on it's quiet crusade
You still hear the whispering on the silent blade
Your arm can remember
The day you left the good

You drowned in lonesome tears
They could not see why
The bittersweet sorrow blended with the fears
Your memory carefully whispered "Goodbye"

The memory faded
So did your dreams
hey fell down your hole shell and vanished by the next poor dawn
Can you feel the lovely joy?
When your bad days are gone

Nothing to hold on to
No one to trust
A poor soul need help
When the memories turn to dust
You couldn't smile the day you lost your bandage
No one is there to cure you, the heart is keeping on it's quiet crusade
You still hear the whispering on the silent blade
Your arm can remember
The day you left the good

The word "Tomorrow" lost it's tender meaning
Every days was just a hopeless lie
Disgusted by the lonely feeling
Your soul rottened
That night, you died

An empty scale
Nothing left but pure sorrow
All the good things in life felt bad
Every day so sad

Now you lie there in the grave
A bandage with deep remorse rests upon your lid
The true feelings hid in the shadow
The long lost memory returned into the light
But it is too late: The rose withered in the dark

I'm Paranoid

I'm Paranoid

I might be insane
Cause of all this pain
But you're not locking me up in the white room
I may not be healed
But I have a shield
To prevent me from dying of your doom

Did you feed me with lies?
Were you all false?
Can you see his eyes?
The little boy cries

I can hear no voices but yours
You've closed my mind
Now, open the doors

No, I don't need to be alone,
No, I don't need to be alone

I can't keep up with this
Your vicious heart despise me
I still don't think I excist
Your closed eyes surprise me

They're all fake
I can't make...
When they're all fake

Bad Memories


Bad Memories...

It’s a red ocean
Colored by the blood of dead fall
And painless emotions
Shook them all

And the hate

Flying arrow, dead eagle
Still I see no blood

Living souls can't help him
Maybe the dead will?

It was not meant to be
Words spread like a fainted decease
It's not my fault, you see

Help me...
By helping yourself
Free me...
By bringing the doom closer

They can't and they won't
They will kill and they'll haunt

Memories don't just go away over the night
Live with them, or you may want to die by them

Voices in the Wind


Voices In The Wind

All quiet
Not a sound to be heard
No disturbing voices
Not a spoken word

They just sit and “Chat”
‘Bout today’s problems
But never mind that

We are nervous
Sentenced to death
Deadly silence
Silent breaths

So, talk a little more
Before you’re gone
Maybe you will learn something new
I have won
Don’t take it away

A white boring room
A black shadow doom

Go get your problem!
It’s over here!
I don’t want to get near
Afraid to lose my voice

Get rid of your silence today!
Go, find new solutions
I’ve had some problems myself
But I’ve had retribution
Don’t tell yourself to leave
Then you’ll only deceive your mind
Believe you’re blind
Destroy mankind

He found it through the net
They helped him stand
On his own two feet
Raise his wings, then land
And feel the sorrow flow away

They messed with his head
He thinks he’s dead

A wonder he didn’t cry
Just stood there
Don’t know why
Thought they cared…

Paper Cuts


Paper Cuts

The ice cannot melt…
Thick, thick said the belt
He looked down and stared
At the stairs
No smile, he feared
No cheers

Don’t forget about…
Do not forget about…
What’s not to be forgotten!

I lost
Don’t hit him!
Pay the cost,
of being the man that you are
Friend of my czar
Devil in your eyes
Still he doesn’t need a disguise
Pure hate will do
And it’s size

Shake your friend by the river, go swim
Brake your feet under the bridge
I didn’t say that it was him

Possess the evil lake of the queen
Take the axe beneath the wood
The trees sure are green…
Like it should…
Lay that thing down
VIP’s may frown

You found it yet?
It’s out there,
Just look the right places
Like your head
It doesn’t rhyme with…bread
Ah, no I forget

Wake, wake
You with the skin so soft
Slept well?
You hurt yourself?
A waft…

I live my life in my living hell
I crack the furniture
In my human shell
I see no reason to be so glad
When all I do when I’m happy
Is not to act so damn sad…

Still the dreamer doesn’t cry
Still he dwells, up in the sky
Did you float?
Or it all fell to your throat?
I saw you the you reminded me
Of a friend I couldn’t see
He always hid in the locker room

Say it one more time, but not twice!!

The Perfect Way of Nothing

The Perfect Way of Nothing

Live your life perfect
I think my thoughts are defect

I play with my words
In this endless forest
‘bout flower and birds

Don’t think you don’t know me
The voices out loud
You got no right to see me
You got no right to be proud

Take my words
I can’t see you anymore
Go, follow the herds

I saw you in your garden
By the river and stones
I demand you talk to me
We got to live the life of our own

The life is a fairytale
The one you heard in your past
You just imagine and it’s there
Don’t think it won’t last

I saw your face smiling at me
Although that’s a mistake
Do you even know me?
Do you even want to?
You can get what you want, you know
But then you owe, me a life…

Falling into the water
It’s mighty cold
The enchanted forest
Seems to be old

Think about me
Think about me,
Say my name out loud

Dream about me
Dream about me,
On your white cloud

Don’t think you don’t know me
The voices out loud
You got no right to see me
You got no right to be proud

Take my words
I can’t see you anymore
Go, follow the herds…

Lost City

Lost City

Emotionless creep
I got my head around
So far down in the deep
You see
What my life has done with me
In decline

Juggle bottles
Do some weights
Silver streets
Golden gates

I’m not cold
Oh, the city gets so old
Like the yesterdays news
I must choose
To not get lost, drained by despair
To not be swallowed by the fear
They can’t even see the half of me
A witness must be the key
Do they even try to see?
The all-round mighty key?

No one takes notice if I bleed
They all run
With the light of speed
Abandoned me of greed
The worst is when they succeed

We all have tried
But so many times we’ve died
The citizens denied
Still they’re guilty
Of doing the things they can
It’s no stranger of a man,
Though it’s sad

I say “Hey”
You just stare and walk away
Even the angels sit and pray
Loss of power

But if they all act like they care
We might wanna go and share
The deceased world

No, don’t think that you know
Then it all it’s going to go
Where no one else has been
The city that you’re in
The evil get to win
Stored long deep within
Where the hate will cease to begin…

Stupid Dream

Stupid Dream

Feel my breath,
Pain of my wrath,
Suffer from my death

And still I’m not done
And still I run

After a coward like you
After a craven, it’s true

You know I’m after you
You know I can smell fresh blood
You know that I’m not easily fooled
You know you will die

But still you smile
As wide as a mile

A stupid dream…



Word? Can’t say I’ve
Heard ’bout this trash
All gone in a flash
No victims in the crash

Sure thing
You can ride
Shit, gotta hide

No brakes
Take what it takes
Kill what it makes
Shit, the steer shakes

A bump in the road
It showed
I shouldn’t be here
Not even near
Oh, must swear

Up the sidewalk
Down with the people
Painful red
Never bed

Jump out
Be aware
No license
Not scared”

Shut your eyes
The same goes for your mouth
Wear disguise
No price
Of being a criminal

No, I just passed by
I would never try to kill
*I will*
Chill, I’m NOT on the pill

Seed of Greed

Seed of Greed

Weak, weak, weak...
All the time I did nothing but
Seek, seek, seek…
Wisdom and happiness
All I got was
Greed, greed, greed…

Don’t be hateful!
No one can give you what you seek!
The only one is you,
So run along,
Be strong
And find your
Seed of Hate
Seed of Faith
Seed of Rights
Seed of Fights

Hvem tror du at du er

Hvem tror du at du er?

Kan du virkelig ikke se?
Du som står der og ler

Ser du ikke hva du gjør?

Litt verdighet, er det for mye å be om?
Litt respekt, er det for vanskelig?

Hva om det var deg der nede?
Hva om det var deg de slo?
Hva om det var du som ønsket å dø...?

Burde du ikke beskytte et liv?
Du som ikke bryr deg

Burde du ikke hjelpe de som ligger nede,
Istedenfor å sparke dem?

Hva gjør deg så mye bedre?
Er du virkelig perfekt?
Gjør du aldri noen feil?

Hva er det som rettferdiggjør dine fatale handlinger?

Det er du som burde ligge der nede å be,
Be dem om å slutte, ja, det burde vært DEG
Som ligger nede uten at noen bryr seg.



I am not the one who cried
I am not the one who died

No meaning
Stop leaning
Towards my face
In the hour of disgrace

I am not the one who shot
I am not the one who plot

You’re not worth it
Not worthy to be hit
So please relax
Lay down your axe

You’re not the one to be mad
You’re not the one to be sad

You’re a thief!
Stealing people lives…
Throw the goddamn knife!
Or else suffering will arrive…



Make him pay
Get him up, beat and
Into a
The forever pain will

Don’t Stop
We’ll eat him for
Give it
The worthless shall

Forgiven Angel


Forgiven Angel

An angel falls from the sky
With blue eyes, white dress
An angel falls, cannot lie
With snow-white skin so tender…

An angel is falling to the deep
Can I catch your dream?
An angel is falling in my sleep
A loving soul from the earth

An angel collide with the earth without pain
I can only watch your misery
An angel collide with the earth, possessed and insane
Thrown out of it’s own personal Shangri-la, The promised land;
Garden of Eden…

An angel awakes from its slumber, a mild sorrow is cast over the land
A blood-red anger within
An angel awakes from its slumber, kills the good and the bad of the man
Eyes of hate…

An angel who were forgiven for its deadly sins got a quest
To get rid of the engagement will of young men
An angel who were forgiven for its deadly sins must confess
It shall wander on earth as long as it takes to remove hate

In the times that comes, in the times that goes
The forgiven angel will murder your foes




Guinea-pig, Guinea-pig
Come here you little beast
We will find you, little brainless fool
And arrange a little feast

Don’t be afraid of the wicked man
Although he sometimes bite
He could be your human friend
But kill you during the night

We’re the good creatures
Your so-called friends are the bad
Look at us as your teachers
Your brother, mom and dad

Do you think of us as insane?
No, we’re just vain
You’re just in pain
Please, stop complain…

Shut up, we don’t like you
Stop crying
We don’t hate you

You’re on the run
Be aware of our mercilessness

Chased by Death


Chased by Death

”Watch Out,
Death’s after you!”

You better run, coward…RUN!

“It’s Coming Closer!”

Come on, can’t you do better than that?

“Please, hurry up, don’t let go!”

Just give up, cry a bit and go away…

“Life’s to precious to die from!”

Hah, listen to me…Let go, Nobody will miss you

“Hang on…”

The voice is getting lower,
The scream is getting high
Should he live his precious life
Or give it up and die?

The Obvious Choice


The Obvious Choice

The kids teased the Unsecured boy
He cried his eyes out and broke off

The kids teased the Naive boy
He asked himself the question “Why?”

The kids teased the Paranoid boy
He saw it coming, and struck back

The Unsecured boy knew he should always hit them back,
But lacked the courage

The Naive boy knew he shouldn’t have acted so stupid the day before,
But lacked the wisdom

The Paranoid boy knew he shouldn’t have punched that boy,
But lacked the humility

Don’t be sad for the things you can’t have
Be happy for the things you do have




A Faded dream
Lost in time
A cold scream
It’s a Serious Crime

Help him up
Make him stand
A helpless pup
Till the end

Scared by light
Scared by dark
Scared by might
Scared by remark

So guide his feet
Or else you’ll pay
He's incomplete
In every way



Living Lie

Good at keeping secrets,
But bad at telling lies
That’s how it works
When you’re hiding in a disguise

“...Do I even know you?
You’ve changed in the years
Before you said that you cared for me
Now you can’t even see my tears…”

He wandered in the shadows
Thought he was  forsaken by his own
What he didn’t know was…

He were the one deserting...
He were the one running…
He were the lonely stranger whom no one speaks to…

He got more and more isolated
As the years went by
Got confused by the odd reality
And all his good friends wondered why…

Spent his life as a loner
This should never again occur
His task were to make sure no one
Could be so wrong as he were…

Make sure no one became a
Living Lie

The Little Things In Life

Her er et dikt inspirert av en drøm jeg hadde en gang, eller mareritt som noen vil si, selv om jeg mener at det er det motsatte. Here it goes:

The Little Things In Life

A quick jump from the top of a building
You fly gently through the air,
Contemplating about everything you can think of
Suddenly you get scared,
Scared by realizing this may be it
This may be the end

What if there’s no second chance?
What if your journey ends here?
What if your little stunt is useless…

Right now you would give anything for life
Right now you couldn’t be more scared
Right now you regret

What a way to go
So young…

“Look for a way to change it!”
“Nah, it can’t be done”

Rewind, Please rewind…

This is where your little guardian comes along
Telling you to regret, as hard as you can
Then you can have one wish
“I Wish this was only a dream”

You wake up
The dream is still fresh in your memory
You smile,
It’s been quite a long time since last time I could see that
“It’s the small things in life, even the ones in which can seem rather dull,
Some times you would give anything to make them happen,
Some times you don’t even care”
Consider it
Life’s Precious, Protect it,
Even against death

A Teenage Martyr


A Teenage Martyr

The way he slaughtered his own life...

What he thought was the best for everyone…

Better off without it!

The things they were saying…

The way he ended the specious life…

But that is the way he wanted it
A Quick Death,
A Faded Memory

A Long Painful Death
A Martyr…
A Teenage Martyr

All though a shock,
Not enough to make it all go away…

Six Feet Under


Six Feet Under

I’m not falling!
Yes I am...

I don’t need any of your help!
Please help me…

Don’t feel sorry for me!
Just care a little more…

I hit the ground,
Wouldn’t take the help…
Far too Frightened to ask…
Now I’m Six Feet Under
I’m not falling!




Do not cry, please do not cry
I try my best, you know

Do not scream, please do not scream
I did not mean to hurt you

Do not be mad, please, I am begging you
It was all a big mistake

You want to go
You can’t

You want to leave
You can’t

You are begging me to let you go…
I can’t…
This was the only option I had



Har ikke bestemt meg enda

Har ikke funnet et svar...

De tror ikke jeg mener alvor

De tror ikke jeg vet hva som er best for meg

Men de vet ikke hvordan jeg er

Kanskje jeg ikke vet hva som vil bli best for meg

Men hvordan kan de vite det så mye bedre...

Press fra alle kanter...

Frem eller tilbake...

Tilbake til det kjente, men vonde

Frem til det ukjente, men med muligheter

Vekk fra venner

Venner du har brukt tid på

Venner du trenger

Uerstatlige venner

Men ikke alt skal være så lett her i livet

Det er derfor valg er til

Det er derfor jeg håper på at Skjebnen vil hjelpe meg...




I have an Enigma...

A major

Must find a way to solve this
trouble of mine

I have a Conundrum...

A great

And I Must Go Find A


Mrkt fjell


I’m a Nemesis
Everywhere I go I bring
Death and

I’m a Curse
Leave me, or else
Life will leave you

I’m a Torment
In my life I bring you

I’m a
Sick person
And for that I’m sorry

A Dream Of Death


A Dream Of Death

Go, Went, Gone

An Eternal Sleep
An Eternal

In the Dream you are
In the Dream you are Alive,
Or so you think

Keep on living on a Lie
Keep on

All your actions are numbered up
One, Two Three,
Forever your Dream will be

Live life like a Saint
Live Death as a Dream
A Dream in which you are

Live life no-good
Live Death as a

You will never wake up again
You will never fall asleep again
You will never die again
You will never feel happiness again…

Lake of Pride

Her kommer enda et, håper det vil få folk til å tenke...

Lake of Pride

A thousand words
Not one of them good
No self-esteem

Won’t try something new
Scared of the unfamiliar
Secret laughter from the shadow of an success

Can I see through your eyes…?
I need guidance, some help would be nice…

A step into the Lake of Pride
Flow on Success
Sink with Vain
Drown by Hate

The Heroes of Yore

The dark wind
Blowing from the north
The Campfire stopped
No one to be fed
Grateful to be dead
Oh, for the Heroes of Yore

Got no sleep
Are freezing to death
A blanket would aid
But they did not stop
Not time to give up
Oh, for the Heroes of Yore

No light
The time has soon elapsed
The men has soon collapsed
No right

Their terminus are near
Their crave for the honor and pride
Will not relinquish
Will not stop
Oh, be aware the mightiest foe
Here comes the Heroes of Yore

Is Time Worth It?

Is time worth it?

Tic, Tac
Endless is back

Nothing to do
Nothing is true

Hopeless are faith
Needless to wait

Time will come
Time will end

Days goes by
But it all depends
On you
But it’s true

Keep it up, live for a day
Another one is near
Do you dear?

Just to live a day more
Life’s not poor
It’s not a bore
It is your

Chance of showing
Chance to live
Chance of needing
Chance to give

A Lie

A Lie

A lie, the truth in disguise
Soon they will know,
Soon I must go
To not say a word is wise

Looks that can kill
Somebody found out
somebody shouts
What a thrill, what a will

Now I must hide
Eventually they’ll find me
Eventually they’ll bind me
One option: Suicide…

Best not to speak
Will they then care?
Will they then hear?
Oh, but I’m to weak

A word cannot hurt
Do they mind?
Do they leave me behind?
A lie, it’s like a flirt

Tell, and then rat
Some will get mad
Some will get sad
The leftovers will chat…



Go, went, gone
Round and round, stop spinning, find the way
Head for the sky or get tossed down
Here or there?

Can’t see the difference, or am I anywhere?
Lost, did I even leave?
Oh, yeah, I forgot, I left
The otherworld, surrounded by nothing
Confused by nothing
See nothing
Are nothing

A light in the end of the tunnel, I walk
I walk for hours, maybe I should turn around and leave
No, I can’t, even if I want, I cannot leave
The light gets stronger, could use some sunglasses
Inside the light, looking out at nothing

I am dreaming, even if I’m not
I am walking, even if I don’t
I am thinking, no I am not
Is this my fantasy or real?

It’s neither
It’s nothing
It’s Death