Left In The Dark

Left In Darkness

A screech in the hall
End of line
The weight is heavy
Just a step behind
Praying days for dead sinners
And at that day we called them dead

Loving the knife
Cutting up misery
Bleeding deep thoughts
In decline
Forcing up wisdom
Of cause and effect
You've got no meaning when life rejects

Pushing on this strenght
That I found in the void
If the weight gets carried
My dreams will explode
Lifting up the pressure
Filling up with new lies
Cutting off round edges
This is where the kingdom lies


A voice in the dark
Asking for retrebution
The voice of angels
Bringing mental pollution
Tell them what you want
Call it off with peace
This is not a life
This is murder and disease

A screech in the hallway
The Line ends now
The weight gets heavy
Then they'll show you how
Praying days for dead sinners
And at that day we took their life

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