Killing the Angel

Killing the Angel

A drop of water
On my chin
Made me look back and face the wall
I look in the sky, but see no shadows
I see no skies, as this moment's dark

I wake up screaming
For what else can I
Kill you with
Kill you with

A memory of an angel
Staring into my eyes
Crying but speechless
I'm left alone

For what is this dark I feel
When I face what I think is real
What is this loneliness?

This drop of water
Made me see
Made me see the line between
I realize that my life's falling
I'm hoping for a better end

Did you hear me shout your name?
Could you see me through the rain?
Are you there for me when I need you?

And when I close my eyes are you,
there for me when I
When I need you the most?

Death's within and I am breathing
Death's around and I am breathing
Death's sweet slumber's tempting me
I long for you ...


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