A Forgotten Dreamscape

A Forgotten Dreamscape (Working title)

"Father, the sun is melting".

  Mantar turned over to the other side of his bed, stuck with these words in his mind. Images of a young innocent boy, and an dying man haunted him in his nightmares.

  He was not himself a part of the dream, he could only watch it as it happened. Deep inside he could tell this was his creation, but now it was left to rotten. Each night the same scenary passed his closed eyes. Each night he wanted to give his life for theirs, even though they were not real. What lead him to this type of thinking he did not know.

  Usually, when he awoke from his rather unpleasant dreams, he would not be able to fall asleep again. But this night was different, because he wanted to let go now. For ten years he had had the same dream. Ten sleepless years. At least nearly.
  Mantar forced his body asleep and cleared his mind. Images began to take form.

"Mantar? You're awake! How are you?"

  A young man with a green robe and golden hair looked upon him.

"It's been ... ten years? We're so glad to have you back here! I can't wait to tell the others! You wait here."


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