My Last Hours

The Other Side of Beautiful Pain


Alone we cannot fight the evil mankind made
No soul will give their spirit to protect us
No "God" will break the truth carved in stone
Alone we fight our death

Three saviours came to rescue an already dead planet
These were rejected, killed and forgotten
A single soul's good won't keep us from begging

The water's not moving in the wind
Icy cold north will kill
An old man is standing on our hill
What glory or shame will he bring?

Our last life we're living
Our last food we're eating
And spirit of mankind will come to rest

No joy will find its way
To this fairytale we've made
The hymn will break our grounds and then we die

Hide from the pain
Will your cries just be in vain?
You never know 'cause when the rain
Keeps washing down you die

Water ... Can't breath ... A light ...

Swimming to the light
Crossing over to the night
Making my last flight
This day will end with grief


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