The Blood I Breathe

My Breathe. Its Blood

As the phantom fades
I leave deep marks
I color my Self in shades

Cold wind suffocating
My own breathing feels weak
Enough ... Nonsense

Is that my heart in your hands?
Who ripped it out?
They told me to dig deeper
Dream. Head. Mind. Dead

Who stole the leaf's spirit?
So it is now nothing more than dust
Who bled its water?

The Guide's showing us the way
Killed by seven nails
We'll be living on a lie
Now we're the man that failed

Cold wind suffocating
Warm heart dripping blood
Taste it, taste!

Are you sure you saw the signs?
Cold and dripping!
If I, were the one to hide
I would flee on to the hights
Cloud's dead!

My eyes bleed and they're cold
I walk out to the lake and taste its magic
I wander lost among the dead
My sight ... Wears out

Freeze to death
Wake up from the wind
Ease the light
I cannot see the day
We're lost until I hide


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