In Uterus

In Uterus

It was unbelievable
What my eyes had seen
They looked up at the world
On a screen

The creator might've had a plan
When he made this, pathetic man
But did he think, about the choice
Giving humans, a voice

I'm seeing, I'm being here
Afraid of, being near

There he lies, can't be changed
Here I am, somewhat deranged

Who put us up to this?
It can't be true
What I would have to do
Just to make it up for you
Why can't you see
I'm not free

What will come after the fall...?

Will I still "Be"?
Can I flee?
To a second agree of freedom
Will I burn?
Will I learn something?

It all depends on you...And Him...

You're rich enough to let me go
I'm poor enough to see the show...


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